Thursday, March 8, 2012

World Kidney Day: Hyperbaric Oxygen's Small But Vital Role in the Treatment of Kidney Disease

Happy World Kidney Day. How does hyperbaric oxygen figure in today's celebration and in the treatment of kidney disease? Scanning our own list of diseases and conditions we go straight to diabetic ulcers. Diabetes and obesity figure prominently in this formidable threat to the public health. We've written here and here about how hyperbaric oxygen therapy combined with dialysis helps spare kidneys in cases of crush injury, a signature wound of major earthquakes. And hyperbaric oxygen therapy in kidney disease and organ preservation has long been an active area of clinical research. A quick search of PubMed shows 353 studies since 1964. The Rubicon Research Repository contains 45 entries on the topic. The following video offers wise words of prevention and daily habits to maintain the health of your kidneys. Suddenly we're thirsty.

Correction 12:08AM 9 Mar 2012 to Rubicon search query link and results. Thanks to Gene Hobbs. - rem

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