Tuesday, February 23, 2010

HBOT Saving Lives, Limbs After Haiti Quake

That's not the American hospital ship USS Comfort but the Italian carrier Cavour bringing hyperbaric wound care to earthquake victims in Haiti. The two are now working side by side offshore. Captain Gianluigi Reversi reports his ship's chamber—the only HBOT facility in the vicinity—has treated 30 patients and already "saved several legs and arms from amputation."

No doubt many of the Cavour's patients have suffered crush injuries. CNN's Dr Sanjay Gupta and other correspondents and first responders have been struck by the challenges of such complex wounds. Crush injuries may often lead to kidney failure by rhabdomyolysis, which the CDC has identified as one of the most urgent health concerns in the aftermath of the quake.

"If head injuries are the hallmark of the war in Afghanistan, the Haiti earthquake will be known for crush injuries," said Gupta.

Read the full report, "Crush injuries can be deceptively dangerous," at CNN.com.

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