Friday, February 19, 2010

PatientsLikeMe: Fanned, Followed, Fast Companied

Fast Company magazine just recognized what we've long known about PatientsLikeMe, naming the company among its most innovative of 2010. Innovative indeed—and right up our alley. A beautifully conceived website "committed to providing a better, more effective way to capture valuable results and share them with patients, healthcare professionals, and industry organizations that are trying to treat the disease," PatientsLikeMe ingeniously balances patients' desire for privacy with their need for openness.

For patients (maybe like you) this important site represents the highest and best use of the Internet we can imagine, and as it expands we're eager to see our HyperbaricLink online community participate and benefit. Especially popular is PatientsLikeMe's fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome section, some 12,000 strong and growing. But there's nobody home in the hyperbaric oxygen therapy room, which O2.0 readers will find in move-in condition. And it's free to join.

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