Monday, March 12, 2012

Limb Salvage Testimonial: Genesis Wound and Hyperbaric Institute in Davenport, Iowa

Genesis Wound and Hyperbaric Institute in Davenport, Iowa, has published an uplifting patient testimonial worth sharing. It's a story of clinical excellence, yes, but also a reminder of how much emotional and physical endurance chronic wounds and especially diabetic ulcers may require of patient and physician alike.

A small abrasion on Jim Keenan's heel developed into an infected wound that exposed his Achilles tendon. Keenan, who has Type 2 diabetes and vascular problems in his legs, received specialized dressings, bioengineered grafts, and vascular surgery in addition to 40 hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Healing required almost two full years. About his experience in the chamber Keenan recalls:

I gained substantial, measurable improvement in the flow of oxygen to my feet and the hyperbaric treatment contributed significantly to my healing. I also got a two-hour nap in every day, which is a habit I would have cheerfully continued.

Dr Brad DeWall adds:

At Genesis, we consider amputation to be a "treatment failure" not a "treatment option." Our goal is to save the extremity.

So he and the Genesis nurses did. And it's a story happening every day at advanced wound care and hyperbaric medicine centers from coast to coast. Let's see that more people read all about it.

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