Monday, January 23, 2012

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Centers: Advantages of Participating in the HyperbaricLink Directory

Let's pick one center at random from today's newsfeed. Almost precisely one year ago, we wrote with enthusiasm about the expansion of the hyperbaric wound care program at Oakwood Heritage Hospital, in your faithful correspondent's idyllic hometown of Taylor, Michigan. We immediately gathered what information was available and posted standard profile MI019 in the HyperbaricLink treatment center directory. Take a quick look and come right back.

What's missing? An email address to contact. The name of a medical director or administrator. What else? Without the benefit of any communication with the center, we simply don't know.

Now go read about the center on the hospital's website. About advanced wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy the hospital provides very little information for patients, families, and referring physicians. But here we do learn what conditions this center treats: chronic wounds, diabetic ulcers, skin grafts and flaps, osteomyelitis, and radionecrosis. That's three more than we listed. Had this center worked with us to publish a complete and accurate listing, HyperbaricLink visitors would get all the right information, complete with links to our trustworthy content on HBOT, diseases and conditions treated, the published clinical evidence, and plenty of helpful, reliable resources.

What other advantages might Oakwood Heritage gain by participating with HyperbaricLink? Try googling wound care taylor mi. Your local search results will differ from ours, but likely you'll find our directory listing equals or beats the hospital. List with us, link to us, and we all secure the top spots for the most relevant queries. About this subject we have dedicated an entire page, where you can also request our white paper on Internet Best Practices for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Providers.

ATTENTION Treatment Centers. Start your countdown to a complete and accurate listing in our directory. It's as easy as 3-2-1. See what's new and create the profile that's right for your facility.
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Only by working together can we make the evidence-based hyperbaric community more prominent and more discoverable on the web. And don't worry, Oakwood. We'll be in touch.

[Photo: Oakwood Healthcare website]

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