Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Alzheimer's Association Corrects Dr Oz Show

Yesterday the Alzheimer's Association joined us in correcting the Dr Oz Show for airing false scientific information about hyperbaric oxygen therapy. See our Friday post, "Hyperbaric Oxygen for Alzheimer's: Clinical Evidence Does Not Support Claims on Dr Oz Show." Writing for the Northern California and Northern Nevada chapter, chief program officer and research expert Elizabeth Edgerly, PhD, concludes:

To the best of our knowledge, there is no substantive research evidence for this treatment in Alzheimer’s. A quick review of the published literature by the Alzheimer’s Association found no studies that support hyperbaric oxygen as a treatment for Alzheimer’s. And, as of today, there are no clinical trials of hyperbaric oxygen for Alzheimer’s listed on clinicaltrials.gov. For now, I wouldn’t put too much faith in this type of therapy for Alzheimer’s.

CLICK HERE to read the entire post. On behalf of the evidence-based hyperbaric medical community, HyperbaricLink thanks the Association for publishing this important information.

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