Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Update: HBOT For Arthritis

Today we have upgraded our Arthritis page but downgraded our Evidence Index score from promising to scant. We briefly explain the reasons behind the change in our new HyperbaricLink Commentary:

HBOT may provide temporary symptom relief for some people with some forms of arthritis. Compared to other popular and effective treatment options, hyperbaric oxygen therapy may never be cost-effective or practical for the daily management of such a lifelong chronic disease. Still, if further research demonstrates the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a drug-free regimen might offer a welcome alternative for some physicians and patients to consider.

We now refer visitors to the Arthritis Foundation for more complete information and to PatientsLikeMe for community support. Find the new links under Patient Resources.

See our June 7 post, "Diseases/Conditions Upgrades And Updates," for more information about our new page format. And look for regular updates in the days and weeks ahead.

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