Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Diseases/Conditions Upgrades And Updates

Look for important new information on HyperbaricLink in the days and weeks ahead. We are busy updating and upgrading our Diseases and Conditions pages and adding new pages for both approved and off-label HBOT indications. Our new format brings you even more information and more links to more resources. Each page will include:

  • Definition and Causes - just the basics.
  • Treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - distilled from the medical literature.
  • Hyperbaric Approval Status - yes or no from FDA and UHMS.
  • Evidence Index - our scoring of current evidence.
  • HyperbaricLink Commentary - our views and opinions.
  • Patient Resources - info, advocacy, and support communities.
  • Clinical Resources - links to the evidence and new research.
  • News - relevant posts from our blog.
  • Related Terms - other key words and synonyms.
  • Further Reading - suggested long reads.
  • Sources - sites we consulted to write our content.
  • Page Data - time stamps and authorship credits.
With these content enhancements HyperbaricLink now meets or exceeds the emerging standards for reliable, trustworthy health information on the web. We will keep working to better inform, guide, and connect our visitors inside and outside the hyperbaric community.

O2.0 is the news blog of HyperbaricLink, the independent web guide to hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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