Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New On HyperbaricLink: HBOT For Diabetic Ulcers

Today we have added Diabetic Ulcers to our Diseases and Conditions section. In our view this close companion to our updated Chronic Wounds page merits its own space for diabetes-specific content, news, and Patient Resources for people affected by complications of diabetes.

Diabetes presents serious challenges for the wound care clinician and the medical community. An excerpt from our writeup:

Wound healing in people with diabetes is often complicated by poor blood circulation in the feet and legs. Nerve disease (neuropathy) may also cause a loss of sensation in the feet and legs, so even a small cut, sore, or pressure ulcer may go unnoticed for some time and develop into a problem wound. Diabetic ulcers are especially prone to serious bacterial infections that threaten life and limb.

HBOT brings strong clinical evidence to this challenge and has indeed become a standard treatment for infected diabetic ulcers, Wagner Grade 3 or worse. Prevention and early intervention offer the best hope for reducing the rates of amputation and death from infection in the diabetes population. But more people with diabetes today need access to advanced wound care and hyperbaric oxygen treatment centers. And now HyperbaricLink has a page where visitors can get more specific information about their condition and connect with local centers fully staffed and equipped to help heal diabetic ulcers.

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