Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Diseases And Conditions: Further Reading

A favorite new feature of our upgraded Diseases and Conditions page is the "Further Reading" corner. Here visitors will find links to longreads of all sorts: books, journals, magazine and newspaper articles, websites, multimedia. We aim to make our suggestions both illuminating and relevant. But our suggestion on yesterday's new diabetic ulcers page may have left some of you scratching your heads. Readers who have enjoyed A Leg to Stand On will get the connections. Let's consider a few. One. Oliver Sacks is our best clinical writer, period. Two. The story he tells will interest anyone whose identity suddenly revolves around being a patient. Three. One man's odd change of relationship with his leg may help others experiencing neuropathy and living with the prospect or the reality of amputation. If you think this is a stretch, just wait. We will occasionally rotate our selections. And by the time we reach migraine this title will get the heave-ho to make way for Migraine (1970).

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