Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We're Back... With More Information About Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Treatment Centers Types, and Chambers

While we've been away from the blog we've been busy updating the About HBOT section of HyperbaricLink. There you'll find an overview of the components that, under a doctor's care, constitute hyperbaric therapy: pressure, oxygen, and time. We've also included an overview of the physiology of hyperbaric oxygen as well as information on side effects and cost.

Our directory identifies nine different types of hyperbaric treatment centers. We've expanded on the characteristics of each and provided extended descriptions of the three most common: hospitals, outpatient clinics, and independent hyperbaric clinics. When you use our directory to locate hyperbaric treatment centers in your area you'll find the type identified for each. If the facility is a trauma center or offers 24/7 accessibility you'll see that as well.

There are more ways to get hyperbaric oxygen therapy than ever, so we've expanded our information about hyperbaric chamber types. We illuminate the differences between monoplace and multiplace chambers and provide important information about safety features and other characteristics. Our directory of treatment centers includes the number of each type of chamber in use at each facility, and our ProfilePlus listings have even more information about chambers.

O2.0 is the news blog of HyperbaricLink, the independent guide to hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment centers, physicians and clinicians, diseases and conditions.

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