Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Square Hyperbaric Pegs for Square Holes

Please rise and join us in singing a cheerful rendition of Waltzing Matilda as we welcome Fink Engineering to our directory of hyperbaric chamber manufacturers. Currently developing the world's largest rectangular hyperbaric oxygen therapy facility (illustrated at right) for the Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick, Australia, Fink Engineering chambers combine state-of-the-art features for patient treatment, safety and comfort with a rectangular design that fits neatly into rectangular structures, like hospitals.

Because the company's chamber designs include multiple airlocks, different groups of patients can be treated simultaneously at varying pressures and treatment durations. Rectangular doorways enable wheelchairs and gurneys to be transported directly into the chamber, which can also accommodate a variety of patient seating and medical equipment.

Fink Engineering chambers have been in use internationally for hyperbaric medicine since 1994. In the United States, the following major medical centers operate the company's multiplace chambers:
The company has also been involved in numerous recompression chamber and HBOT chamber design and development projects for the Royal Australian Navy, United States Navy, and commercial diving operators.

We look forward to bringing you news on Fink Engineering's latest installations and other developments.

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