Thursday, November 19, 2009

Off-Label HBOT: Autism

As promised (see our November 9 post), we've read the CARD study, we've spoken with one of its authors, and we're downgrading our Evidence Index score on hyperbaric oxygen therapy for autism. Indeed the early results using room air at mild pressures are now decidedly mixed.

Far be it for us to deny that real children with autism are enjoying real benefits from their hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It would be hasty to dismiss Rossignol's hypotheses and findings altogether. And O2.0 loudly repeats its call for physicians' responsible off-label usage and continuing investigations at higher pressures and 100% oxygen. But from where we sit, that's the sad state of the evidence on HBOT for autism in today's published medical literature: scant.

We've nothing to add but praise for any investigators who bemoan

...the lack of publication of studies with null results. Studies showing a lack of evidence for treatment efficacy are as important as studies demonstrating positive results because they provide important information about treatment approaches with only spurious or anecdotal evidence.

Hear, hear! Jump to our updated autism page learn more and to use our HyperbaricLink Evidence Index to guide your personal research.

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