Friday, October 16, 2009

Off-Label HBOT: Traumatic Brain Injury

From our previous posts you'll recall we can get excitable about hyperbaric oxygen therapy for traumatic brain injury. After exhaustive reading and discussions with experts, we can't figure why HBOT isn't already approved and reimbursed for this condition. Why can't centers today treat and code TBI as a bundling of approved indications: acute traumatic ischemias, chronic wounds, and bacterial and other infections akin to intracranial abscess? Even the hardest skeptics acknowledge HBOT significantly reduces the risk of death. What better clinical enpoint could one possibly desire?

We're still wagering traumatic brain injury will become the 14th approved indication within two years. In our new HyperbaricLink writeup we conclude: "TBI has become an especially active area of political action and HBOT research sponsored by the US Department of Defense and Veterans Health Administration." And so we'll wait in bafflement, if not in silence, for the slow wheels of progress to turn.

Jump to our new traumatic brain injury (TBI) page to learn more and to use our HyperbaricLink Evidence Index to guide your personal research.

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