Wednesday, August 5, 2009

VA Slow On HBOT, Marine Suffers

Last night's CBS Evening News with Katie Couric included the story of an Iraq War veteran, Casey Owens, who almost didn't get the hyperbaric oxygen therapy he needed. Even then, he didn't get it through the Veterans Administration hospital as he should have.

Severely injured by a landmine over five years ago, Owens lost part of both legs and suffered a tramatic brain injury. Repeated operations to repair what was left of his right leg were unsuccessful, failures that might have been avoided if HBOT was available for his post-operative therapy.

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The VA dismissed his TBI symptoms as headaches or stress-related. Convinced otherwise, Owens found Dr. Paul Harch and has been making such good progress recovering he's starting college in the fall.

The final injury: Owens had to raise the money for hyperbaric treatment himself. The Veteran's Administration won't pay for it. At HyperbaricLink, we hope recent research on TBI and HBOT leads to a rapid change for the better at the VA.

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