Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wound Care Advantage: Distinguishing Its Approach and Model from the New Healogics

Soon after the launch of Healogics, with some 540 wound care and hyperbaric centers across the US, comes the first open letter to the community from a key competitor, Wound Care Advantage. Founder and CEO Mike Comer writes:
Granted our approach and model differs from the new Healogics. Wound Care Advantage is focused on turning around existing centers that are doing poorly and helping hospitals take over their own programs in order to have more control and retain more revenue.... I still feel a focused approach on each hospital is key. These hospitals also need a strategy for their wound center to retain as much revenue as possible.
Read the entire post on the Wound Care Advantage blog. We expect to see a lot more competitive positioning against, around, and alongside Healogics in the months and years ahead. We also expect a steady expansion of the provider market to serve a steadily expanding and rapidly aging patient population whose wound care needs remain seriously underserved today.

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