Thursday, May 31, 2012

Multibillion-dollar Losses at JPMorgan Linked to Key Executive's Struggle with Lyme Disease

When we read "JPMorgan's $6 Billion Case of Lyme Disease" in Forbes we thought maybe it was an Onion headline. But, sure enough, bank insiders and Wall Street traders have placed part of the blame for the massive blunder on the health problems of one top executive. Ina Drew, pictured right, started missing work after she contracted Lyme disease in 2010. Apparently she played a key role in keeping the peace and refereeing shouting matches in the chief investment office, and her frequent absence threw the team into chaos.

Drew resigned earlier this month. She was the bank's fourth-highest-paid officer.

Spend one of your free visits on the fascinating New York Times article that broke the story. You may also wish to join tick and Lyme disease experts in a surprisingly informative discussion with Science Friday. More about hyperbaric oxygen therapy for Lyme disease on HyperbaricLink and in our previous blogposts.

We are told to expect an unusually active tick season after this year's mild winter. No comment about other, possibly human, pests and parasites that may spoil our summer.

[Photo: JPMorgan via Bloomberg News and New York Times]

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