Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lee Memorial Hospital: Local Plug for Fort Myers, Florida, Wound Care Center a Model of Brevity, Clarity

Sometimes just a bit of just the right information communicates best. Hats off to Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, Florida, for landing the kind of local coverage every hyperbaric oxygen treatment center should covet. This little gem from the local NBC affiliate hits all the basics with minimum effort:
  • A stirring tale of a 2-year-old girl recovering from burns.
  • A short explanation of what wound centers do and how hyperbaric oxygen therapy works.
  • A strong case for adapting to meet the public healthcare demands of a rapidly aging population.
  • A believable connection to success with advanced, specialized wound care centers.
No doubt the hospital marketing and public relations team and clinical experts played this one clear and straight. That's why this reporter got a great story, this hospital got some great ink, and these readers got another great reason to look into this great new movement in American medicine. All in about 390 words.

[Photo: Lee Memorial Hospital website]

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