Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: XMRV Debacle Makes List of Top Science Stories of 2011

Science Friday featured XMRV in its "Year in Review: Top Science Stories of 2011." We also recommend the Wired article "How a Collapsing Scientific Hypothesis Ended in an Arrest." Lawsuits. Jail. Death threats. The self-correcting mechanisms of science have rarely been so dramatic. See our December 23 post, "2009 XMRV Paper Fully Retracted," where we now note the authors of the only other study supporting a CFS-XMRV connection have also retracted their paper.

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  1. Yes, CFS is a fascinating topic to follow in the news. We only wish there were more good news to report about clinical evidence for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Please chime in if you know of any we may have missed. Thank you for your readership and participation in our blog.