Wednesday, October 19, 2011

VIDEO: Fire Suppression Test of USC Catalina Chamber, Avalon, California

Watch how well a multiplace fire suppression system works at 6 ATA in this fascinating video from inside the chamber at USC Catalina. From the YouTube description:

Every year the Fire Suppression system of the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber is tested under pressure. Anything that we do not want to get wet is either removed or sealed in plastic. The Chamber Crew, wearing wetsuits enter and the Chamber is compressed to 165 fsw (6 ATA, 50 msw). At depth the deluge system and the fire hoses are tested. When the ascent from 165 fsw to the first decompression stop at 30 fsw begins the fog starts to roll in as the moisture condenses out of the air. The Total Decompression Time following the dive to 165 fsw for a 12 minute Bottom Time (time from start of descent to beginning of ascent) is about 33 minutes.

We wonder if any other chamber in the US or anywhere in the world goes to such depths to ensure safety. Hats off.

[Video: Luke Peterson]

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