Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cancer: Hyperbaric Oxygen and Tumor Growth

A complicated question has been on our minds ever since we updated our radionecrosis (delayed radiation injury) page. Does HBOT promote tumor growth or cancer recurrence? From our friends at The Wound Healer blog we get an informed answer. "Hyperbaric Oxygen and Cancer Fears" explains that

... tumor growth occurs regardless of oxygen status. In fact, tumor cells that grow and survive in the hypoxic regions of the tumor are more aggressive, more prone to metastasis, and more resistant to treatment.

More exciting, hyperbaric oxygenation may make tumor cells more susceptible to traditional cancer therapies, especially radiation.

We welcome this new information, complete with footnotes, in followup to our August 4 post, "Cancer: HBOT Combined with Radiation, Chemo." Clearly there's much more for us to read and learn about this fascinating topic.

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