Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Listening To The Public Health On Twitter

Does anybody hear you when you complain about your health online? Well get a load of "10 Things We Can Learn From Your Health-Related Twitter Rants" by Hans Villarica in The Atlantic. Really it's amazing what Johns Hopkins researchers were able to conclude simply by "listening" to 1.6 million tweets between May 2009 and October 2010. Click through the slideshow to learn about Twitter patterns and key takeaways on the flu, antibiotics, insomnia, Benedryl, allergies, aches and pains, obesity, cancer, and health insurance.

We're not involved in any such exquisite Twitter filtering or extrapolating, but we're huge fans and active users of the service. Just another tool that helps HyperbaricLink bring you the most trustworthy hyperbaric oxygen news on the web.

[Image: Michael J. Paul, Johns Hopkins University]

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