Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hyperbaric Food: Like Pasteurizing With Pressure

Who knew? The foodservice industry uses hyperbaric chambers to kill harmful bacteria, too. And apparently you can shuck a whole lot of shellfish with a whole lot of pressure. Make that 87,000 pounds per square inch, about 5,920 atmospheres. No added oxygen required.

Get a load of the fascinating history of high-pressure food processing, "Warning! Contents Under Extremely High Pressure," in GOOD. And who can resist the continuing adventures of Wholly Guacamole and the Big Mother Shucker? Not us.

Foodborne illness is no laughing matter. Neither are gas gangrene, intracranial abscess, necrotizing infections, osteomyelitis, diabetic foot ulcers, and other chronic wounds and bacterial infections treated with HBOT, where oxygen plays a central role. Lately we're reading like crazy to update our Diseases and Conditions pages for these indications. So please excuse us. But this slightly off-topic discovery was just too good not to share.

[Illustration: Avure Technologies]

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