Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello, Cleveland: HBOT Gets The Plain Deal

What most hyperbaric medical communities wouldn't give to get the positive, instructive, and complete press coverage The Plain Dealer dealt Cleveland this week. Reporter Diane Suchetka focuses squarely on the unmet clinical needs and patient benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for nonhealing chronic wounds. The article acquainted us with a handful of treatment centers in the Cleveland Clinic hospital network. We also filled in one odd moment in HBOT history:

In 1928, Cleveland became home to a one-of-a-kind, 900-ton steel sphere, called the Cunningham Sanitarium, which used oxygen therapy to treat diabetes, high blood pressure and other illnesses. Its leader, Dr. Orval J. Cunningham of Kansas City, Mo., had the five-story steel ball—which contained 40 rooms and 40 baths -- built on Lake Shore Boulevard at East 185th Street for $1 million—that's $12.9 million in today's money. 

Finally! The excuse we've been waiting for to post this wonderful old photo of what some call the Hyperbaric Hotel.

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