Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gingrich Slips HBOT Into The Obamacare News Cycle

Newt Gingrich spent most of his time slamming healthcare reform legislation and the State of the Union address, but he and South Florida television viewers also learned a thing or two about HBOT during his tour of the Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care Program at Bethesda Memorial Hospital (Boynton Beach FL) today.

Visiting a cancer survivor undergoing HBOT for radiation injury, the former Speaker of the House praised the hospital's clinical innovation as well as its business savvy in partnering with National Healing to establish the program 15 years ago:

[Hyperbaric oxygen therapy] is rapidly becoming the standard of care to avoid amputations and improve quality of life. Centralized bureaucracies cannot get us into the future as quickly as local partnerships can.

Click the arrow to watch the video below. Read more about Gingrich's visit in the Palm Beach Post.

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