Monday, November 29, 2010

Hyperbaric Wound Care Options In Southeastern Massachusetts

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has become an integral part of modern wound care. Treatment can often help a patient heal a wound, defeat an infection, even avoid amputation of an injured limb.

Most hyperbaric treatments for diabetic foot ulcers and other chronic wounds are conducted in single occupant chambers like the Perry Baromedical model shown at right. Because wound healing with hyperbaric oxygen may require dozens of sessions, finding a convenient treatment center can be a significant consideration along with the medical staff's expertise in wound care.

Residents of Southeastern Massachusetts are particularly fortunate to have a number of options from which to chose. Working our way south from Boston we find a number of hospital-based and outpatient wound care facilities:
That's seven hospitals with HBOT-equipped wound care clinics within a half-hour radius of Tauton, making the region well served, hyperbarically speaking. Click the links above to find more information about each center in our treatment center directory.

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