Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekly Web Roundup: 21 August 2010

Another weekend and another handy wrap-up of the week's hyperbaric oxygen therapy news, and just about the volume we'd expect for late August. Please do send along any items that may have escaped our attention. We're only too happy to serve as a public relations outlet for the right HBOT business and science stories.


Munson Medical Center, Traverse City MI, lands some fine local TV coverage for its new Accelecare center.

ETC Biomedical Systems has received FDA 510k clearance for its O.S.C.A.R. computerized hyperbaric oxygen control system.


The parent(s) of a 7-year-old boy writes about his "journey out of autism," with the help of HBOT, on the Sasha's Recovery blog.


Northwest Florida Community Hospital, Chipley FL, has opened a Wound Healing Institute with Innovative Healing Systems. Local television news coverage here.

Schuylkill Medical Center, Pottsville PA, has opened an Advanced Wound Center with Accelecare.

The Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine at Tri-City Medical Center, Vista CA, comes to our attention upon being awarded Wound Care Facility of the Year at last month's 7th International Symposium in Irvine CA.

Fauquier Hospital, Warrenton VA, in June opened a wound center. Gotta love that name.

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, Grass Valley CA, last March opened a wound healing center.

Fremont Area Medical Center, Fremont NE, has opened a Center for Wound Healing with Diversified Clinical Services.

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