Thursday, July 29, 2010

Speaking Of Improvements...

Our regular columnist, @O2ron, is recovering from a computer meltdown. Computer and columnist are now fine, but there's a logjam of work to clear after our time at the 7th International Symposium.

While waiting for our favorite columnist to reappear you might enjoy this piece by one of our other favorite columnists, David Pogue of the New York Times.

Dictation software has come a long way. Back in the mid-'90s a programmer demonstrated an early version of Dragon Naturally Speaking for a group of computer science students at Harvard. Picture a sorcerer's apprentice scenario and you have an accurate picture of how well it went. People were getting up and leaving while the demonstrator tried to regain control of the computer by voice command.

Continuous incremental improvement yields results, and the accuracy of the current version of the program is almost eerie. (Not to be confused with Erie, Pennsylvania). It's a practice we follow at HyperbaricLink and we believe it will benefit the hyperbaric oxygen therapy community as much as giving our fingers a rest once in a while.

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