Friday, July 16, 2010

Improving HBOT's Signal-To-Noise Ratio

Meet sebastu_hbot, as we do every day on Twitter, in page after page of search results for HBOT updates. But for this Sebastian the "h" in hbot stands for hentai, Japanese for pornographic comics, animation, and video games. Dear, dear.

"Hyperbaric" and other innocent search terms may yield only slightly less comic or offensive results. The same useless updates reposted like clockwork every 7 hours by robots. Nameless blogs stuffed with Google AdSense banners and auto-generated gobbledygook. Poor facsimiles of 40-year-old scientific papers. Bad video testimonials shot a decade ago and posted every week since. Ghost twitterers pushing empty promises and shameless self-promotions.

Still we sift through Twitter and Facebook and Yahoo! groups and our own RSS feeds every day. There has never been a better way to stay abreast of so many specific subjects of topical interest, then pass along only the choicest bits to the busy reader. Some call it digital curation. We call it plain good manners. And we do so hope our daily blogposts and weekly roundups will send the hyperbaric community a strong, clear signal through the web's harsh noise.

Now say so long to these nice folks, Sebastu, wherever you are.

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