Monday, June 7, 2010

Virginia Mason Demonstrates HBOT Leadership

Besides last Thursday's plenary and provocative HBO dosing talk by Dr Neil Hampson at UHMS St Pete 2010, the main thing we noticed about Virginia Mason Medical Center (Seattle) was its dominance of the proceedings. Hampson and team gave seven presentations at the Annual Scientific Meeting.

Late last month we also took note when Virginia Mason became the first hyperbaric medicine facility to twice earn UHMS accreditation with distinction. And the center also leads with its beautiful and unique 18-person chamber, by Reimers Systems Inc, the only multiplace chamber in the Northwest and, some say, the largest in the US. Congratulations all around.

Now let's complete the picture by renovating your profile in the HyperbaricLink treatment center directory. Oh, don't you worry, we'll be in touch.

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