Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV: Saints, Colts Stars Betting On HBOT

Both teams in tomorrow's Super Bowl have a lot riding on the success of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Besides a pretty nifty ring, one winner may also claim the title of HBOT Poster Boy.

Indianapolis Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney is using HBOT to speed healing of a swollen right ankle. This week ESPN blogger Paul Kuharsky (photo right) posted a fun story about his own chamber experience after sampling Freeney's treatment protocol.

New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper actually sleeps in a portable chamber, not to rehabilitate from any injury but to supplement his strict diet and fitness regimen. He's only too happy to tell you all about it on YouTube (video below).

Once again we're full of questions about the efficacy of HBOT for speed-healing and the rightful place of mild (mHBOT) portable chambers and personal hyperbarics in this rapidly growing field of medicine. It'll be fun trying to catch up to all the professional athletes who swear by it.

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