Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hyperbaric Wound Care: Business Is Good

Perhaps the surest indicator of HBOT's future growth is the present success of hundreds of hyperbaric wound care clinics. The current issue of HealthLeaders magazine counts wound care among the top 4 emerging service lines in hospitals today, with continued demand assured by the increasing prevalance of diabetes. Advanced wound care programs featuring hyperbaric oxygen therapy have enjoyed especially high volumes and reliable returns on investment. Most physicians today can handle basic wound care in their own offices, the author observes, and "will only refer to a clinic that can provide more advanced treatments."

If they can find it. Seems all the best advanced wound care clinics are buried a dozen pages deep in their medical center websites. In the days and weeks ahead we'll be working hard to include more HBOT clinics managed by national wound care companies in our treatment center directory, where referring physicians can find and compare them with just a click or two.

And in time, we trust, many of these chambers will be accessible to more physicians and more patients seeking HBOT for diseases and conditions beyond wound care.

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