Thursday, November 26, 2009

Postscript: First Response Success With HBOT

Thanksgiving arrived a little early this year in Boston. At a feast two weeks ago today, the Mass Eye & Ear community honored legendary broadcaster Norman Knight, the man who gave the infirmary and the state their first hyperbaric chamber. Even as they were toasting Knight's philanthropy, 14-year-old smoke inhalation victim Shavonne Richards lay recovering at the Norman Knight Hyperbaric Medicine Center. (See also our November 13 post and the November 15 Boston Globe story.)

Not all such young women and not all American cities are so lucky. Reliable access to 24/7 emergency-ready chambers in the US is spotty, at best, and aging equipment and economic woes only compound the problem. Part of the HyperbaricLink mission in 2010 will be to help expose and address this unmet need.

Our thanks this day to all our first responders and to people like Norman Knight, whose quiet generosity and clear vision keep us safer.

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