Wednesday, August 26, 2009

HBOT: Outerwear For The New Millenium?

O2.0 congratulates Flagsuit LLC for winning the 2009 NewSpace Business Plan Competition, with extra thanks for providing a not-so-sci-fi footnote to last week's HBOT In Space story. Sponsored by the Space Frontier Foundation and the Heinlein Trust (Stranger in a Strange Land, anyone?), the NewSpace competition awards $5,000 and access to the investment community. What caught our eye was Flagsuit's focus on private spaceflight and its plan to commercialize

a hyperbaric (pressurized) suit with excellent mobility at a price that enables affordable spacesuits. The same product will fill a nonspace consumer need for a mobile chamber for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, creating a convenient way for people to treat and prevent disease.

Now that would be a portable chamber! Godspeed, Peter K. Homer.

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