Monday, July 13, 2009

Mainstream Media Debates False Choices

Actual headline. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: Panacea or pure science fiction? This is not a question sincerely in search of an answer. Yet it's the typical approach of the mainstream media whenever they stoop to cover HBOT. Today's LA Times strikes the same indelicate imbalance in a story titled Portable hyperbaric chambers: An expensive folly? Here poor Michael Jackson once again provides the irresistible lead (and famous creepy photo) for an exposé on the portable chamber business. Of course we know, as the paper's editors should know, that that's no portable mHBOT chamber MJ's sleeping in. A spotty review of manufacturers' claims versus facts only hints at how helpful and informative the article might have been. Skepticism is healthy, yes, but a capable reporter digs deep for plain answers to reasonable questions. O2.0 and HyperbaricLink challenge the mainstream media to do a more thorough job covering HBOT. And we're here to help with the digging.

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