Thursday, June 25, 2009

King Of Stop It Already

One of our Twitter followers just asked if it's too soon for jokes about hyperbaric chambers. Too late. Millions already posted, and Michael Jackson has been the talk of the UHMS conference all day, too. Is it just plain Bad or merely Human Nature that people can't help mocking celebrity or thumbing their noses at death?

O2.0 would rather suffer a metric ton of chatroom zingers than abide some of the drivel circulating today in the underground baromedical community. This is the first and last time, for example, we'll ever link to the so-called HBOT Truth blog.

Let's face it. Michael Jackson is all most people know about HBOT. We're totally okay with that. We wish them all long and happy lives. And we're right here when anyone wants the real HBOT truth, without any hidden identities or agendas. Till then we'll retweet any jokes that strike the right balance of irreverence and schadenfreude. Haven't found any yet.

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