Friday, April 10, 2009

Autism Alert: Or Is HBOT Full Of Hot Air?

Of course the Rossignol study (see our March 13 post) will fuel, not end, the scientific debate surrounding HBOT for autism. So it behooves us to direct O2.0 readers to one stinging rebuttal at Left Brain/Right Brain. Guest (ghost?) blogger Prometheus lands a few good punches. Future investigators would do well to review his (her?) criticism of study methods and statistical analysis. But why begin by smearing healthcare providers located at strip malls? Thousands of indisputably reputable urgent care, dialysis, imaging, day surgery, rehabilitation, and other centers stand ready to refute that flimsy argument. We eschew this tone of discourse and, in this blog, will aspire to refine the rules of engagement. Along the way, let's do recognize the gap between such promising new data and the compelling Level 1 evidence that's sorely lacking.

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